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"Dean Bruni, irrepressible musician and singer with his own personal vocal style, released "These Robot Days" in a style somewhere between 70's American Rock and a more melancholy/suffered style of artist like Nick Drake. The cover of Mercy Street on the CD is a more introspective version and in it's simplicity of arrangement keeps very close to the original version of Peter Gabriel, but at the same time adding something personal and original."



"So You Dream" **** broadjam Top Ten Classic Rock Song

"Shadow on the Wall" ****broadjam Top Ten Classic Rock Song

"Your Time" ****broadjam Top Ten Alternative-Folk Song






fünkaphobia – “Blade in the Lawn” 1986

Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Songwriter


Falling Man – “A Christening” 1988



fünkaphobia – “Why Do You Make Me Nervous” 1992

Guitars, Songwriter


The Graceful Punks – “Sweets for Sweets/Sell My Fortress” 1994



Incubus – Demo 1994

Assistant Engineer for 4th Street Recording (un-credited)


Jessica Harper – “A Wonderful Life” 1995

Assistant Engineer, Acoustic Guitar


Human Drama – “Human Drama” 1995

Assistant Engineer


Human Drama – “Songs of Betrayal” 1995

Assistant Engineer


Gingersol – “Extended Play” 1995

Engineer/Assistant Engineer


No Doubt – “Tragic Kingdom” 1995

Assistant Engineer for 4th Street Recording (un-credited)


Lloyd (soundtrack) - "Save the World" 2001


Bashirrah – “Bashirrah” 2004

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Producer, Songwriter


Know Your Enemy (film score) 2006


Dean Bruni- “These Robot Days” 2009

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Harmonica, Songwriter

 MUSICIAN BIO (in my own words)

 I grew up in suburban New Jersey in the 80’s, but never met Springsteen or Bon Jovi, nor am I related to Carla Bruni (first lady of France), as far as I know? I started my music career in the basement of my friend Walt’s parent’s house in my hometown of Hamilton N.J., where we played mostly cover songs of The Cars, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and other famous rock bands from the 70's. Then I found myself briefly in a progressive cover band playing Rush and Blue Oyster Cult songs. My local guitar influences and teachers were; E. William Tucker of Regressive Aid, Ernie White of the N.J. rock band Aviator, and Joe Federico a virtuoso Jazz guitarist from the Philadelphia area.


 My first songwriting band was called Squealing Dead Things, a pop rock band that played the local N.J. clubs. Following the break-up of SDT I formed a band called Fünkaphobia with my friends from the Listening Booth record store, Jeff Rusnak, Dan Brewer, and Mike McGrath. I also played in a Goth Rock band called Falling Man with one of my guitar students, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. Falling Man released a vinyl album called "A Christening"; produced by E. William Tucker.


 A move to California in the 90's boosted my access to studios and musicians. First playing with Shane's -Ex, a great cover band that also played original songs, and mostly gigging in San Diego, CA. After leaving SD for Los Angeles I formed The Big Field, an Alt-Rock trio with Dan Arciniega on bass, Nick Tidy of Ethnicrobot on drums. The Big Field briefly worked with musician Warren Cann of Ultravox as producer. At that time, I was employed by 4th Street recording as an Engineer. The band recorded a handful of songs with replacement drummer, Bob Patrowicz (The Churchills and The Monroes) ,  though the tracks were never officially released, the songs “Multidimensional Personality”, and “A Million Miles” were used in the soundtrack for “Lloyd”, as well as a home 4-track demo of the song “Save the World”.


 I continued working at 4th Street Recording with producer, Jim Wirt. I assisted him on many sessions including the first demo of band Incubus and albums for No Doubt, Gingersol, Michael Penn, Human Drama and others.


 Between 2002 to 2004 I produced the dynamic R&B artist, Bashirrah. And played guitar in the band as well as co-writing songs for the Bashirrah debut CD.


 In 2009 I released my own solo record “These Robot Days”, Which can be heard on Spotify, and purchased on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby, and includes a cover track of Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street”. There is also a music video for the tracks “Shadow on the Wall”. In 2019 there was an additional music video released for the track “Ladder”, which was an unreleased demo that was not included on the “These Robot Days” album.